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EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is one of the most effective therapies to use when working with trauma. Have traumatic events - either recent or historical - left you unable to move forward in life the way you want to? Are traumatic memories ruling your everyday life and ruining your interpersonal relationships? Schedule a session with one of our licensed therapists who are trained in EMDR.

Mind-Body Therapies

 Have you done traditional talk therapy and yet still feel stuck? Or has that work helped, but still there's a feeling of the work being incomplete? Then mind-body therapies may be the answer you're looking for. Drop us a message via our Contact page to set up a session. Click on the button below to learn more about mind-body therapies offered at Mind-Body Counseling & Training Center.

Grief and Loss Therapy

Need a safe space to process feelings associated with a loss? Grief and loss can take many forms. Anger, sadness, avoidance, inability to move forward. These are just some of the things us humans experience when dealing with grief and loss. Drop us a message on the Contact page and schedule a session to begin your road to productively dealing with this. 

We are a team of trained professionals who can help you in this journey. 

Couple Therapy +

Kink/Poly Affirming Space

Are you in a relationship that needs support to be it's best or resolve conflict or increase communication/understanding? Looking for a safe therapeutic space for poly/kink lifestyles? Contact us to schedule a session with therapists who are trained and have life experience in these areas.

Chronic Pain - Chronic Illness Therapies

Chronic pain and/or chronic illness controlling your life? A holistic, integrated therapeutic approach is necessary to treatment, feeling better and improve your quality of life. Research continues to support the use of mind-body therapies to effectively treat and teach skills to improve chronic pain and/or illness. Drop us a message via our Contact page to set up a session. 

LGBTQIA+ Affirming Space

Looking for a responsive and affirming  space to do your personal work? Want a welcoming space to process what's important to you? Looking to integrate mind-body therapies into your journey? Reach out to us via the Contact Page to schedule your session. We offer services to individuals and couples.

Why choose Mind-Body Counseling & Training Center?

About Mind-Body Counseling & Training Center

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