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May the children see more clearly.  May the elders be more wise.
May the winds of change caress us.  Even though it burns our eyes.
I Am Willing.

– by Holly Near

We Are Passionate About Helping Others Learn How to Help Themselves

We are passionate about Mind-Body Therapies, and believe integrating traditional psychotherapies with Mind-Body Therapies produces a more connected, effective and complete therapeutic experience. We are passionate about Psychedelic Therapies, and believe integrating non-ordinary states of consciousness, ancestral medicine and cutting-edge medicinal-assisted therapies can be key in many forms of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual recovery and wellness. We are passionate about creating access to services while at the same time paying our therapists in a way that honors their training, experience and investment in their profession of helping others. We believe actions speak in this area of creating access, and offer sliding fee scale services. We're also in the creation process of The Jennifer Fund, a non-profit forming for the purpose of creating access by funding clients for therapeutic services as well as advanced trainings for therapists, specifically in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies.

Meet Rose

Rose is our therapy dog in-training. Rose has a story to tell. She was missing from her family for four months. She was returned after her microchip was scanned. Rose has been on her own healing journey ever since the traumatic events she went through. What's your story? Rose would love to hear all about it. Most days Rose is in the office with us. If you'd like to specifically request to schedule a pet-assisted therapy session with Rose, reach out to us via the Contact Page to book it.

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Meet The Team

Links for Our Clients

Image by Melinda Gimpel
Image by Alexander Shatov
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